One more re

Last week I mentioned reboot, refocus, re-energize. This week reflection. Though last week it was begin again adding “re” to boot, focus and energize, reflection is a concept I want you to view as ongoing.

Give up the idea the idea that you multi-task. It is a myth. The brain is not a dual processor. It is a glorious mystery that switches back and forth rapidly between tasks. Good science is beginning to show that this isn’t the best behavior to move forward with purpose toward your goals. Often, tasking is called “being present” or giving something full attention.

Reflection is one of those habits which you will not do if you are doing laundry, have the dinger on to tell you you have new mail, holding the baby, driving a vehicle, intrusive background noise or visual imagery. You’ll only be pretending or fooling yourself.

Are you always saying “I am SO busy” as if that warrants a medal of honor? Yes, we all have phases or seasons of that. No question. Are you paring down purposely so that you can give time to reflection every week?

In the three happy habits, daydreaming is a word I use for time which you are thinking on what you want to accomplish as already yours, experiencing the emotion of it. It is one of the “happy habits” for a reason.

Once or twice a week, add reflection or add it when you are writing down your successes on your success list in the evening. Spend a few moments in reflection. Never are these times to be about “beating yourself up” for missteps and failures. Never. Observing our thought patterns and behavior/action is about noticing how we are doing and what next steps we can do to improve.

Reflect on these things this week.