Paranoia in reverse

4 June 2012
Do you ever find yourself with an ill feeling of what is coming your way circumstantially? As we actively take 100 percent responsibility for the quality of our lives, it can be easy to focus on the challenging circumstances we’ll have to deal with, vaguely fearful of what might be appearing today, or tomorrow, or the next day.

One thought and feeling common in Western culture is that Mondays are a drag. “Gotta get up, go to work, five days from another weekend. Bleh.” Because we are expecting Mondays to be so, most of the time they are. You’ve surely heard the saying “We get what we expect.”

If that saying has become a truism because, well, it is actually true more than not, what would be the reason we spend one-seventh of our lives expecting ill on Mondays?

“Hope put off is a weariness to the heart.” *

The Monday example is only one. Do you expect the people you find annoying always to be so? You gear up for being annoyed, you practice that feeling even when you are not with them? What is the pay-off for you when you practice being annoyed?

What if you chose the attitude that they are not going to annoy you because good things are coming your way this week? Notice it doesn’t say they are going to stop being annoying, though that would be stellar. No, it says you are going to focus on something else purposely, repeatedly, actively.

When we plan a vacation that we know we will enjoy, we have a feeling of happy or joyful or positive expectation. We think thoughts of how we’ll delight in the sights, the people, the moments of doing/seeing/being in a state of enjoyment. We know there will be the challenges common to vacations and still we choose to focus on the positive aspects.

What is the reason we don’t look to our every day lives as sources of unexpected opportunities of joy, fun, calm, peace? If you are in the midst of turmoil on every front of your life, all the more reason to expect positive opportunities as coming your way.

This isn’t simplistic, making light of difficulties. It is an approach to daily living that will serve you, serve you well, serve you with seeing and enjoying and experiencing the unexpected opportunities that surround you, come to you, give you delight.

Will you join me in saying to yourself today “I am looking for the unexpected opportunities that are coming my way this week”? Will you write to me sharing how that experience is for you?

*Proverbs 13:12