Re–, re–, re–

I heard a statistic last week that said 78 percent of people who made a resolution for 2013 have already tossed them aside, given up, said “Oh well, I can’t do that.” Oh my friends, that wasn’t even two weeks into 2013. Let’s not be a part of that group.

Let’s re-boot
If you like computer terms, reboot. Even if you’ve caught yourself not pursuing what you said you would, reboot.

Let’s re-focus
“What you think about, comes about.” We could easily change that saying to “What you focus on, comes your way.” Re-read on staying focused that I sent you in 2012.

Let’s re-energize
If your goal/resolution/target doesn’t energize and excite you to keep walking toward it over and through obstacles, then re-energize it by re-wording it in such a way that you do feel energized by it.

There’s something I’ve determined to incorporate as part of my morning start-the-day routine I’ve noticed has slipped the past three days. I am here re-, re-, re-ing with you. Join in, it is much more fun than saying “Woe is me,” “I’m a failure again,” or whatever put-downs you are saying to yourself.

Instead say “Self, let’s get with it! I am seeing the attainment of my _________________ and it feels good. I am going to do whatever it takes.” I wrote about writing down a heart-racing goal here.

Keep at it, my friends. The life you are changing is your own.