Ready, set, goal

It is so important to have goals; or if it is better for you to say “decide what you want” use that. Knowing what you want is the key to achievement in any area of life. Culturally, we use the end of the calendar year for review and as a launch pad for deciding what we want in the coming months.

Some people are organized and disciplined enough to do this on their own and without much support from others. Some people, like me, prefer
support in community around this foundational principle of success. Either way, consider joining in this fun and free event that is about
review of 2012 and planning for 2013.

I have participated with Jim Bunch, the creator of “The Ultimate Game of Life” in his 90-day coaching and am now finishing up the year-long. Remember the nine environments I wrote about earlier this year? The nine environment concept is from Jim. I tell you that so you know Jim isn’t some random guy I heard about.

He is holding this Thursday a free, live, year-in-review webinar, reviewing your wins for 2012 and setting up the your game plan for 2013. The Ultimate Game of Life is built around the idea that life is a team sport so the wording uses playing-a-game terminology throughout. I invite you to try out this review/goal-setting technique with us.

While most people move from one year to the next without much thought, this webinar helps us wrap up the year thoughtfully and prepare for 2013. The webinar is only 45 minutes; there is a PDF packet you can download right after you register. The information in it will help you:
1. Write down your wins from 2012
2. Understand your losses so that you don’t have to repeat them again
3. Set up a winning game plan for 2013

I really like the part where we write down our wins for the year. Yes, I am playing, too; not sending you out on the field without me.

Year-in-Review webinar with Jim Bunch (live)
5 p.m. Pacific Time/6 p.m. Mountain/7 p.m. Central/8 p.m. Eastern
(You are welcome to share the link with whomever you please.)

This webinar is free, no obligation in any form or fashion for you to participate. Space is limited by the size of the webinar line, so sign-up soon. Whether you choose to participate or not, reviewing your successes in 2012 is important. If you kept up with the three happy habits , then you’ll already have a journal of success to use. If you haven’t been writing down your successes, today is a great day to start.