Reassign time

“I need to make time for that.”

What’s impossible in that statement? “Make time.”

Oh sure, it’s a saying. We deep down know that we cannot actually “make time.”
I also know that the meaning behind words has power. That power shapes us
in ways big and small every day; the words we use and the words we receive
and the unspoken words rattling around in our heads.

Back to “making time.” Consider “reassigning time” instead. By reassigning,
we are forced to look at how we are using the time we are given. We acknowledge
there is only so much of it and that we are already “spending” it. People who
achieve more of what they want to achieve know what they want, learn to say “no”, and assign time accordingly. You can do it, too.

This week look at how you are assigning your given time wherever you are on
the “I’m content” meter. I’d love to hear from you; how this few minutes of
reassigned time impacts you and how you approach your week.