Reboot, refocus, reenergize, and reflection came up earlier this year. Let’s add recharge. My week last was probably like yours: busy and full. Love it. Then the weekend was, too, in a different way though still busy and full. When did you recharge in the past week or so?

Like a wind-up toy or an overused battery, almost everything about us needs rewinding or recharging. Sure, we can often keep running, running, running because we have these mysterious, miraculous wonderful vehicles we call bodies. That doesn’t mean because we can keep going that we are living our optimal life. One of the keys to living that optimal life is what I am calling recharging. Sometimes it is called “downtime.”

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, one day out of every week was for recharging. Our bodies and minds are meant for that recharging, regularly. Time not to be frantic, time not to have a kajillion things on our to-do lists to attempt to check off. Gosh, we might even get some reboot, refocus, reenergize, and reflection in a such a day.

    Recharging regularly is wisdom

. It impacts positively the remaining six, the people around us, and us. “Living slow” one day a week will do you good. Much better than vitamins or some crazy energy drink.

Today I’m taking my usual morning routine and stretching it out as far as pleases me. If the weather is nice enough, I’ll go outside to piddle in the yard, never once approaching the mindset that “work” there must be done. Sometimes recharging might include lunch with a friend but not today. Today, it’s about not going anywhere, putting off any errands until tomorrow, perhaps reading something for fun instead of pushing my initiatives ahead. Yes, I am living slow today.

Recharging. How do you recharge?

When was the last time you spent a few hours recharging? What do you think you are gaining but neglecting this important principle of success?