So far in 2013, we’ve look at reboot, refocus, reenergize, and reflection as well as reassign. This week is recommit.

How is this different than before? The nuances of words are important. We can begin again (reboot), discard distractions (refocus), reenergize (get excited again), ponder our choices (reflection) or change priorities (reassign time). Recommit is about determining again that whatever the goal you’ve chosen is worth it and you will do it. Not try. You will.

We all get off track here and there, wander down a rabbit trail. Bringing yourself back to your commitment to achieve thus and so makes all the difference. Knowing the goal, the dream, the passion is foundational. Without commitment it is only a wish and will stay so. Commit to what is important to you. Pursue it with joy and determination. Day by day. Step by tiny step.

I know you are keeping in mind that you are 100 percent responsible for your outcomes. You’ll have to push against the tide of whatever is coming at you to move where you want to go in any area of your life. Small steps, small gains, small improvements are wonderful and not to be sneered at. Count them as blessings, one by one. Write them in your evening success journal.