Sailing six months in

Do you remember the hope and the plans you made when six months ago the new year of 2012 began? Still taking little steps, little bites in the direction you’d set for yourself? Are you finding yourself distracted or finding that those plans you made then didn’t really serve you? That you’ve grown in the past six months and now have more clarity?

It is good to review in big chunks. We are creatures of years making the half way point a good one to review, reflect, and adjust. The review and reflection isn’t so that we can mentally beat ourselves up on how we’ve missed the mark we set for ourselves. That is so unhelpful.

Certainly notice those missteps and thoughtfully review the causes of wandering off the course you set for yourself.

Don’t get stuck on your missteps. Not helpful to you reaching your goals of becoming who you want to be. Treat yourself like you do your best friend. Say encouraging things such as “Yes, I see those things and I also see that you were < insert good words of encouragement here >. Not falsities though. True statements of stepping outside your comfort zone, taking care of your friends and family, not giving up, whatever it is.

I spent some time during this six months after becoming an entrepreneur saying to myself and out loud “I find I am easily distracted working out of my home.” Thankfully, I didn’t stick too long there because all that got me was permission to be easily distracted, to not change my behavior. That behavior isn’t helpful in achieving the goals I’ve set for myself.

When I notice that I have chosen to let distractions in, I say “Self, let’s get back on track. We like that feeling!” Like you, I am on the journey of discovering my best self. I am thankful we are in it together.

This week will you review your big hairy audacious goal you set for yourself this year? Are you making any progress toward it no matter how tiny those steps are? Celebrate those little steps and then do another.

Will you check your gratitude meter in that you are thankful every day?

Will you acknowledge that you are 100 percent responsible for the quality of your life day by day by how you respond to the circumstances that come your way?

It’s been a week of celebration and we can continue that while we reflect on how we will adjust our thoughts and behaviors to move more smartly toward what we’ve set out for ourselves.

Even in a strong headwind, sailboats make their way toward their destination when the one whose hand is on the rudder knows how to adjust direction and speed.

No matter how January through June of 2012 went for you, join me in determining that July through December 2012 will be a better experience as we choose to adjust our direction and speed.