Seeing your vision

A tool widely known as effective to helping you stay the course in discovering your best self is known as a vision board. This is a collection of images and words that display what you are pursuing in your life. These could be tangible such as a car, a landscaped yard, a cruise. These could be short-term or long-term.

These could also be intangible such as how you want to show up in the world: optimistic, calm, playful. Quotes from others that illustrate a concept important to you are often used.

From your list of written-down goals (You do have at least three to five written down goals, right?), look through any printed material available to you that you can cut up, or print images/words from the Internet to use for your vision board.

The “board” would be better described as a “display.” Size isn’t important. What is important is that what you put on it means something to you, inspires you. Also in the important column is that it is where you will see it daily and that you will actually look at it, absorbing what you’ve put there as yours.

You could put these in a binder, on a wall in your office or home, or build it digitally and keep it in your computer (a screensaver?)

One that I have is on a section of wall. On it I have photos of how I want to change my garage into a guest house and financial targets for my business. Another one I have in my bathroom that is all words and quotes helping me focus on the kind of person I am or qualities I want to develop. I also have to move things around a little bit or I find that I no longer “see” them in the sense of taking the time to imagine them as already real in my existence; knowing that as I focus on whatever the next step to reaching these I will make progress in bringing them to fruition.

There is no need to be fancy or spend a lot of money. What is important is that you make one that has significance for you, putting it in a place where you will daily review it with an affirming mindset. It ought to be happy thing for you to look at it and enjoy the vision you’ve created.

It isn’t hocus-pocus. There is science that shows this is an effective tool in helping you discover your best self. More on that next week.

I hope you’ll share these ideas with those in your life that are desiring to improve their lives.