Seldom is heard

Do you happen to know this old tune Home on the Range? Part of the lyrics are:

Seldom is heard
A discouraging word
And the clouds are not cloudy all day

Are you are person of encouraging words or discouraging words? Are the people you spend most of your time with people of encouraging words or discouraging words?

We pick up the communication patterns of our family we grew up in but we don’t have to continue to do so if it doesn’t serve us well. The group of people you mostly hang out with at work will have its own tone on the continuum of encouraging/discouraging. Take the time to observe these patterns. Who are you with when you feel uplifted and encouraged? What is it that they say or do that causes you to be so encouraged? Are you similarly a person of encouraging words and actions?

To break the pattern of discontent, complaining, and discouraging words can be difficult if it is a longtime pattern. There is a saying “Old habits are hard to break” as a longtime pattern, good or ill, have worn a deep rut in us. The patterns we don’t want we can change with determination and effort. Being around people of encouraging words will help us grow more in our own thoughtful and consistent use of encouraging words.

Find yourself among discouraging-word people mostly? Begin the work of restricting time with them and not participating yourself in the discouraging-words habit of living.

Life does bring cloudy days, hard times, unexpected difficulties. Surround yourself with encouraging-words people. Become one yourself.