Setting your brain to work for you

Last week we discussed a vision display which is words and images of character qualities and more tangible items that are important to us. This vision display is used by looking at it daily, and while looking at it enjoying the feelings we would experience if those are already ours. Twice a day helps us achieve our goals sooner. Imagining, experiencing and enjoying the feelings are key to this discipline of success.

Athletes, sports psychologists, and peak performance experts have long known the effective power of visualization. You can do this without a vision display, using your imagination only. A vision display is an aid to activating your imagination in visualizing your goals as already complete.

When you do visualize your goals as already complete, three things happen in your brain.

1. Your reticular activation system (RAS) brings awareness of those things which will help you achieve your goal. Your RAS is constantly filtering what it lets into your awareness. I’ve read we’re receiving 8 million bits of data into our brain on a daily basis. If it all got through to our conscious awareness, yikes! Our RAS is the sentry that lets through what we tell ourselves is important to us.
2. Your subconscious mind goes to work developing solutions for reaching your goals.
3. You realize new levels of motivation to reach your goals.

These kick in for your benefit when you use your imagination in visualization through consistent practice, not a one-time outing. Could you find five minutes a day twice a day to accelerate yourself to your goal?

If you are saying to me “I am too busy” then your goals are not important enough to you, they are not motivating to you. Seriously, we are not talking about carving out an hour, strapping on athletic shoes, working up a sweat of physical huff and puff. We are speaking of a few minutes of actively focusing on things and ideas that make us happy and enjoying the feelings of those goals as if already accomplished.

Will you join me in this effective, easy, good-feeling, fun method of goal achievement? Five minutes a day, twice a day?

Make it a great week and start with today.