Influence, curiosity, and recherché

“As a speaker and motivational trainer Pam has a wonderfully engaging and very natural, real style. Warm and friendly, yet totally professional, she speaks with passion from the heart in a way that will ensure you are feeling great in a matter of minutes! Not only that, you’ll absolutely love her sense of humor… I did!” –Carol Talbot, Dubai

Success principles and communicating for results are topics that resonate with audiences everywhere, of any size. Pam, a crowd-pleasing, international professional speaker, delights in crafting messages specifically for each audience. She takes to heart the impact the organizer desires, using that as her guide for content and the interactive bits. The list of topics below are illustrative, not exhaustive. Contact Pam to discuss your needs and how she can contribute to the goals of your group, organization, or business.

Human Potential Development topics
Timeless principles of success
The passion test
The art of networking
Communicating effectively
Presentation skills
Multigenerational workplaces
Leading effective meetings
Interview preparation

Increase your influence series
• Presenting with power and polish
• Communicating effectively
• Meaningful meetings
• Motivating others
• The power of “no”
• The give and take of compliments
• The art of networking
• Goal-setting