Still here and rejoicing

In recent weeks there was much hoopla about an ancient Mayan prophecy that the world would come to an end 21 December 2012. It isn’t anything we can know, so I didn’t get caught up in that conversation. And sure enough, here we are.

December is the month of many celebrations. Do you have anything to celebrate? I hope so. Life is made rich by rejoicing.

It’s Christmas Eve and my daughter arrives tonight for a couple of days. Lots to prepare–like housecleaning and present wrapping and DIY or two–like finish the kitchen backsplash.

The late Stephen Covey said “Begin with the end in mind.” Not the Mayan kind of end. When you get to the end of 2012 next week, what kind of feelings and experiences are important for you to have for memories for this last week? By looking forward and deciding what those are, it will inform your decision making as your travel through the week. With, I hope, a modicum of joy and rejoicing.