What do you do when you are stumped? Stuck when you have a decision to make, stepping sideways from a relationship thorn that needs plucking. Even two good circumstances can leave us stumped for a bit. Staring at the fork in the road, which path to put your foot on?

Some decisions are emergency decisions and those are made post haste as they ought to be. Others we can let simmer a bit as we sort through options, opportunities, probabilities, and our own fear of making the “wrong” decision.

Everything about these weekly encouragements is giving you tools to move past those sticky situations. Being 100 percent responsible for your outcomes, having goals that inspire you, moving ahead step by little step.

Have you noticed circumstances in your life improving in the way you want them to go and, or, your ability to handle difficult and challenging circumstances? Look back over the past three, six, twelve months. What do you see in yourself that is an improvement in how you approach your very own life? Surely there must be something. It might be big, it might be tiny. Still. Write it down in your success journal.

In the northern hemisphere, spring is coming upon us. A great time to look at what is blossoming in your own life. Feed it and water it.