Tell the truth quick

What to you do whenever your forget and then remember? What is your usual behavior?

For instance, last night I remembered I hadn’t written a Monday morning encouragement for you. Yikes! Now what is the best approach?

  • Ignore it, maybe no one really noticed
  • Or, if they noticed they wouldn’t “hate” me
  • Rectify it right away, unvarnished: Tell the truth quick

If I had chosen one of the first two, or other approaches that were not the third one, I would have had to deal with it mentally over and over again. That chews up precious energy and time that I could use for positive things. So here it is friends, I forgot. Truth unvarnished.

Now I could go on to tell you I’ve been watching the Hurricane Sandy business and rearranging airline reservations on my approach to the end of the week, when I am heading out on a birthday celebration. Plan As, Bs, and Cs to think about, push against anxiety and angst over it all, keeping busy with my other initiatives at the same time. Sure, unusual circumstances. Still, the outcome is that I didn’t write for you. Unvarnished truth.

I’ve been working on my free video series on success principles and I’ve said on more than one occasion “Pursuing perfection is foolish as it is unattainable. Progress is what we want.” You and I have been shown plainly how I am not perfect. Making progess like you. We are on the journey together.

When you catch yourself in a situation, remember that saying honesty being the best policy. Add in “tell it quick” and you’ve got the idea. The person you’ll be helping most is yourself.