Three happy habits

Last week I reminded us of the saying “It isn’t what you know, it is what you do with what you know”. Because I write every week, I know it is hard to implement everything even when the concepts/habits are simple.

This week it seems wise to gather up a few of these concepts and habits, ones I know to be foundational to your success–however you define success. You have a better person you want to become and achievements you want to achieve. The journey there will not be random, you must decide and set out on the journey.

Where you see links, those go to the original post on that concept or habit.

1. Every step on your journey, remember and practice that you are responsible for your outcomes. E+R=O.
2. Know where you are going by discovering your purpose. In the original post, I guide you through an exercise to determine yours. It is important to do this step unless you don’t care where you end up in your life’s journey.

3. Three happy habits of success to practice every day.

• Every morning take a few minutes to be thankful. Whatever comes to mind. This is most powerful if you’ll jot them down somewhere that you can review them.
• Be on the look out for good things coming your way every day. This is what was called paranoia in reverse.
• At the end of each day, take a few minutes to write down what you were successful at each day.

The three happy habits, what are they, fifteen minutes at most? I am not asking you to strap on athletic shoes and lift weights til your eyeballs fall out and you flop to the ground gasping. No, these are simple. Do not be fooled by that. Their power is in consistency and because they are simple, they are doable.

If you did these things consistently, your life would change wonderfully over time. Notice I didn’t say “if you did these things perfectly.” Pursuing perfection is foolish because it cannot be done. Pursuing progress in whatever is important to you, now that is wise and worth the effort.

If you have your purpose written down, and then you practiced the three happy habits for a minimum of 30 days, I would so appreciate hearing from you what changes came along for you.