What banana are you holding on to?

11 June 2012

I was looking for unexpected opportunities last week and they always appear. Here are three of them.

• A new business opportunity from an unexpected quarter
• An opportunity to serve friends in an uncommon manner
• A fun way to add to my fitness level week after week

I am starting off this Monday, too, with the assurance and affirmation that positive, unexpected opportunities are coming my way this week and that I am actively on the look out for them. Like most people, I must actively choose a more positive mindset and outlook every day, every moment. It is worth the effort. It is our own lives we are building day by day, moment by moment. What about you? What are you building?

Just the other day a friend asked me what I would advise someone who seems stuck in a state of possessions overtaking their home. It isn’t in the manner of hoarders and it isn’t what this person wants to be living in either.

My reply?

What are you willing to give up?
• Are you willing to give up money to have someone else come in and do it with you/for you?
• Are you willing to give up your pride to ask your grown child or a friend to come take care of it for you?
• Are you willing to give up complaining in order to get it done yourself?

If you are not willing to give up something like the above, then you are giving up the way you want it to be and the peace and joy you hope for from a decluttered home.

You will give up something. What will you give up?

In order to bring in what we want in our lives, we have to give up something to make room for it. Do you know the story of the monkey who wanted the banana and was caught because of it?

Once upon a time, in the jungle, there was a trap set for a monkey. A simple and effective trap. A glass jar with a banana in it. The jar with a rope tied around ithe jar’s neck. As this trap was set in an often traversed pathway of monkeys, it wasn’t long before one came along. Spotting the banana, the monkey reached in grab it. Yet, with its fist around the banana, the monkey could not get its hand out of the jar.

This is a monkey easy to catch because the monkey is not going to let go of that banana.

What banana are you holding on to?