What you and Olympic athletes have in common

What you and Olympic athletes have in common: Determine the goal. Write
the plan. Execute the plan day in and day out.

That’s it. That is what you can have in common with Olympic athletes.
You can determine your goal, write the plan to achieve that goal, then
execute the plan every day. It is simple. It is within your power. If.
You. Choose. It.

We are not Michael Phelps, Andy Murray, or Missy Franklin. Yet, what
they do we can do. I am not talking athletic endeavors. I am speaking
to how they have achieved what they wanted to achieve; what they
decided to achieve.
1. Set goal
2. Write plan to achieve that goal
3. Execute the plan
4. Adjust as needed to achieve the goal
5. Keep executing day in and day out
6. Every day and most especially when you don’t want to, when you
don’t feel like it, execute the plan

You do know that I am speaking to myself more than you, right? I am not
picking on you. What you choose to accomplish in your life is what you
choose to accomplish in your life—you are responsible for the
outcomes of your life. Ouch. I have a love-hate relationship with that

I once heard my daughter say to someone “Don’t sit next to my mom. She
asks really hard questions.”

Tell me you have a written down goal and you are pursuing it day in and
day out. No, you are not going to pursue it perfectly. Can’t be done
perfectly. Let that go. Pursue it nevertheless.

Write down a goal. Write down a few steps you can do this week. Then,
here’s the hardest part: Do them!

I know you are like me. You want a life that counts, a life that
matters. This is how it happens.