Within reach when you stretch

21 May 2012
Do you find that when you stretch your body that if feels good? Though uncomfortable as we unkink our bodies, stretching releases tension, realigns bones and muscles, provides a break for our mental processes. It feels good.

Are you thinking “Wait! I didn’t sign up for exercise info”?

In personal development, as stretching is to the physical body, so it is to our inner life, our desire to improve ourselves and our circumstances. Jim Rohn, respected personal development leader, said it this way.

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

When we decide what it is we want, then we must stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to be that person, achieve that goal, garner that recognition. It doesn’t matter what the “what we want” is. If we didn’t have to change the way we think, talk, or behave, then the “what we want” would already be ours.

We all want something: respond with thoughtful kindness and in emotional control to our family, friends, and colleagues; achieve the greatest sales production; repaint a living space a pleasing color; learn to say “no” to take back our schedule and reducing our busyness; have more time for our family, our hobby, our purpose. The list is as varied as the number of people on the planet.

When we live in the reality of being 100 percent responsible for the quality of our daily experience, then we readily see that Rohn was right. Everything we want is just outside our comfort zone. Ouch.

What has come into your mind while reading this that would be a stretch outside your comfort zone? Reach for that this week. It’ll be uncomfortable at first as change always feels uncomfortable. Keep at it for, after a while, that uncomfortable transforms into a bigger comfort zone. It feels good.