Working together

How to work with Pam Wiley

Option #1

Pam provides fully-FREE resources.

Monday encouragement is a free weekly email with a principle of success. These principles will work for you because they work for everyone who is determined enough to implement them. It requires determination because must move out of your comfort zone step by step. Begin now by filling out the box to the right with your name and email. Easy enough. Not too uncomfortable.

Discover Your Best Self: The Basics is a free online video series with a deeper dive into the concepts of success. Concepts you can begin applying right away. To begin this three video series (totally ninety minutes), go here.

Option #2

Work with Pam on a FEE Basis

When your organization of any type is ready for an engaging professional speaker who will energize your audience,  Pam can meet your needs. She custom-crafts each presentation for each organization and she offers a flexible fee schedule. To find out more and her availability, email

Pam consults by telephone. Her hourly rate for this service is $500 an hour. Working with Pam this way includes a number of benefits, assessments and follow-up activity beyond this one hour of your time on the phone with her. To learn more about this service, email

Pam coaches one-on-one with people who understand the high ROI in relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and productivity. Two of Pam’s strengths are helping others identify and clarify their own goals and how they can apply those at their places of employment, including navigating through less than ideal circumstances, unresponsive or challenging colleagues. See Pam’s current coaching packages.

Pam trains various sizes of teams using custom-crafted programs that help team members understand and realize their potential. To find out more about these longer term services, email