Your gold

Two-hundred five countries are represented in the Olympic Games which
started this weekend. Athletes worldwide have gathered in London to
compete. We watch with fascination, rooting for our favorites,
celebrating their focus, dedication, and mastery of their sports.

Though we may not be world class athletes, we can use them as role
models for going for our own gold, our own mastery of what is important
to us. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we had crowds of people cheering for
us every time we chose to act instead of reacting? Respond with grace
in tough situations? Practice that one thing in our hobby that we love
so much? Take on more responsibility at work that helps us develop our
skills and contributions to our organizations? Choose time with our
family over distractions? And the list goes on.

We don’t have cheering crowds. Most of their career, Olympic athletes
don’t have them either. They have chosen focus on that one thing
spending many lonely hours in training, practice, and competing on a
small scale. In this way we are all the same, we must choose to
improve, make time for that improvement, practice that process until it
becomes our higher base of being.

From your list of goals you’ve written down for achievement in the
second half of 2012, what are your steps for this week? What must you
spend time on through practice, research, new action? What are you
going to choose in the direction of, say “yes” to? Ancillary to that is
you’ll have to say “no” to other things, a skill we all must practice
regularly in order to achieve what we want to achieve.

It is step by tiny step we achieve what we want to achieve and discover
our best selves.

I hope you have friends and family that you’ve shared your dreams and
goals with and that cheer you on. Count me as one of those, too.

Go for your gold!