Your grandest purchase

Each one of us has a certain number of days on this earth. We don’t know how many 24-hour increments there are for us. We all, though, do want to spend them for what we think is important; what has value. Notice the word we use around time? Spend.

Spend as in buying something. Spend as in purchasing. Your grandest purchase is your life. What you invest your moments in. How do you want yours to add up?

I am not saying we must be serious all the time; glum; no fun. In fact, one of my pursuits this year is not to take myself so seriously. To be more thankful and joyful. To practice the three happy habits more consistently and focus on that mindset more through a day.

Frivolous and funny moments? Yes. Laughter and joy? Yes. Regular reflection so that the arc of our days is toward that which we’ve determined to be important? Getting away from computers and televisions more to live our lives instead of watching someone else’s? Yes.

This mindset is hard to hold when we are in the day-to-day-ness of it; trudgery.* When there isn’t any tragedy or dark circumstances to illuminate the light.

Let’s not trudge. Every step is an investment. Even on Mondays.
* I made this word up. 🙂